Don't mention the war...

With deep wounds and torrid tales, Daughter Vision finds itself back on Earth. The Great Sound Wars of Ursa Minor took an immense toll on life throughout the universe, and many creatures great (and not that great, to be honest) gave their souls willingly so that all of time and space would not be forever silent.

Our leader, Professor Brian O’Blivion, fought the Emperor Unsound with every ounce of magick in his blood. In a hail of sparks and 80s guitar divebombs (thanks, Väl) the two foes grappled and split the event horizon which gave everyone within ten miles tinnitus.

As the waves of sound ebbed back into their rightful places in all dimensions, neither the Emperor nor O’Blivion were anywhere to be found. In their place, stood the form of a golden goddess: ancient, all-knowing, and somewhat shorter than you’d expect.

Her name was and is Amarna Yoni, a divine being who once ruled over the fertile lands of Egypt on Earth. Through what can only be described as a celestial kerfuffle, Amarna was exiled to a far off corner of the galaxy where the Lyran feline people worshipped her for thousands of years. And now she stood before the remaining members of Daughter Vision, looking for a gig.

She held forth a shining rectangle of light and spake thusly, “Take this demo tape and listen only to the second side. The first is just some shit from a few centuries ago.”

And they did listen. And they did dance. And verily did they head back to Earth, ready to fill venues across the globe with a new sound.

Here endeth the story, and beginneth another.